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a little reminder to be thankful

Recently, my parents and I were walking in the park. Suddenly, just a few yards ahead of us, a giant mass of branches fell off a rotting tree and landed with a thud.

Some photos of the aftermath.

We were shaken. If they had fallen maybe 20 seconds later, or if we had walked just a little bit faster, they could’ve hit one of our heads. And who knows what kind of injuries they could have inflicted.

I spent the rest of that walk suspiciously eyeing the guilty tree every time we passed it, and it made me think:

You never know what’s going to happen. You could be just be innocently walking along, when BAM, disaster strikes. There might not even be any reason behind it. It could just be pure coincidence.

That’s why you’ve got to appreciate every moment.

…Wow, that came out way musher than I intended. But my point is, take a moment to reflect on how lucky you are just to be alive. You never know when a big pile of branches could conk you on head.

Well, that’s it for my public service announcement for today. Now get off the computer and go live your life!


About the octopi

hi! i’m just a nerd-artist-musician-hipster-thing. i like puns, long walks, and food. i dislike dancing, but i want to learn to love it. goal in life? learn everything. everything. you might say that’s impossible, but hey, at least i’ll always have something to live for.


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