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possibilities (original song)

I just finished my third song (yay!). My first two songs were more on the sad side, so I figured I’d change the pace with a happy one :). Check it out, and let me know what you think.

On a side note, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday. Urk. So for at least the next few days, I’m saying goodbye to singing, and solid food for that matter. They will be missed.

(Lyrics under the cut)

I hardly know you,
and you hardly know me,
but I feel we’ve really
got a lot of chemistry.
Can’t help but wonder,
and call me crazy, but
I think I see
a world of possibilities

Gotta admit it,
you’ve got me curious.
Oh, this could be
The start of the story of us.
At least for now,
I know it’s nothing serious,
but I’ll let it grow…

I just wanna know
how good we could be.
(Only time will tell)
Just you wait and see.
(Try to tell myself)
What will be will be.
But I just wanna know
how could we could be…
Just you wait and see.

I’m sendin’ signals,
you’re dropping hints.
From what I see,
I’m thoroughly convinced that
we’re voluntarily
caught up in the mix
of the possibilities of this

CHORUS (I just wanna see…)


Oh, I just wanna take it slo-ow…
Oh, wanna go with the flo-ow…
Someday we’ll know,
someday we’ll know,
someday we’ll know…

CHORUS (I just wanna see…)

CHORUS (I’ve begun to see…)

I hardly know you
You hardly know me
But I feel we’ve got a lot of chemistry (all x 2)

Can’t help but wonder
And call me crazy,
But I see a world of possibilities (all x 2)


About the octopi

hi! i’m just a nerd-artist-musician-hipster-thing. i like puns, long walks, and food. i dislike dancing, but i want to learn to love it. goal in life? learn everything. everything. you might say that’s impossible, but hey, at least i’ll always have something to live for.


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