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25% toothless

I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted this morning. A few years ago, I had another 4 molars pulled, which means that now I’m missing 25% of the teeth an adult human is supposed to have. That’s a rather dubious distinction, but I’m proud of it. I’ve been through so many dental procedures in my … Continue reading

possibilities (original song)

I just finished my third song (yay!). My first two songs were more on the sad side, so I figured I’d change the pace with a happy one :). Check it out, and let me know what you think. On a side note, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday. Urk. So for at … Continue reading

accomplice (original song)

Hi, guys! I wrote a song! It’s the second song I’ve ever written. Give it a listen? I’ll just leave it here… (lyrics under the cut)

the art of folding

“More and more, we find that our mathematical research and artistic projects converge, with the artistic side inspiring the mathematical side and vice versa.” — Erik Demaine I just heard that Erik Demaine currently has an art exhibit in NYC. It is mathy and artsy and quirky and everything that I love. Not to mention … Continue reading

meet the octopi

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